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Calcium Chloride

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Product Description

Calcium Chloride is used to make the calcium bath for Basic Spherification. Food grade calcium chloride is used mostly with Basic Spherification because its saltiness does not affect the main ingredient taste as it is only used for the bath. Calcium chloride is a calcium salt traditionally used in the food industry to make cheese and it is also used in many other applications as pickling agent, firming agent, flavor enhancer, stabilizer, etc. Calcium Chloride is very soluble in water and it must be kept in tightly sealed containers.You may want to use desiccant packets to keep moisture out.

- Calcium Chloride is deal for molecular gastronomy Basic Spherification

- Calcium Chloride adds calcium to the water bath. Easily dissolves in water

- In presence of sodium alginate, Calcium Chloride forms a gel without the need of heat

- Create spheres with liquid center and a delicate gel membrane

- High quality calcium chloride

- Equivalent to Calcic from Texturas

Experiment the most popular molecular gastronomy techniques created by famous chefs like Ferran Adrian and Heston Blumenthal. Unleash your creativity and surprise your diners with amazing dishes.

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