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ChefAlarm w/ Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe, Pot Clip and Case by ThermoWorks

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Product Description

The ChefAlarm professional oven thermometer has been Rated #1 by a leading Cook's Magazine. Designed for commercial use, ChefAlarm delivers features not found in "houseware" cooking alarms.  

- ChefAlarm Includes Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe, SS Probe Clip, Operating Instructions, and Padded Zip Wallet that neatly holds everything.

- Splash-proof design for commercial kitchens

- Includes Pro-Series temp probe with 700 degree max temp cable: built for robust commercial use, more accurate, faster and more moisture-resistant than any other alarm probes

- Always on Max and Min temperatures, tells you how hot (or cold) your food got when you weren't looking

- Really big digits and backlight for easy to read display

- Adjustable high and low alarms. A "High Alarm" sounds when your food reaches your setting, and a first-of-its-kind "Low Alarm" is perfect for making yogurt and other cold dishes.

- Adjustable volume to 92dB (4 settings), can be heard in a noisy restaurant kitchen.

- Includes count-down and count-up timer

- Reads within ±2°F but the CAL feature can be used for fine-tuning your accuracy to better than ±1°F

- Magnetic back to hold it on a metal surface or tilt the display up and use it on a counter

- For measuring internal temperature when cooking sous vide get the Sous Vide Pro-Series Needle Probe for ChefAlarm by ThermoWorks and Foam Tape for Sous Vide, 3ft

pro-series-high-temp-cooking-probe-z-b.jpgPro-Series® Probes
Exclusive to ChefAlarm and DOT®, Pro-Series temperature probes are built to last in commercial kitchens. The included Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe measures to 572°F with a cable max temp to 700°F for short term exposure. This is the highest rated probe of its class. Probes store away in the included padded case for storage. Pro-Series probes do not operate with other products, only ChefAlarm and DOT.



chefalarm-red-minmax.jpgContinuous Min/Max
ChefAlarm’s info-packed display continuously shows the highest and lowest temperatures reached since you turned it on (or reset the memory). Extremely useful for at-a-glance reminders of your starting temperature. Use it to track how high your food got after an alarm. For example, during “resting”, see what temperature your meat reached from carry-over heat. Or when outdoor grilling in cold weather, meat often drops in temperature when it is turned. ChefAlarm remembers how hot it actually got, even when the Current Temp shows a lower reading. This one feature gives you crucial information to improve your culinary results!

ChefAlarm by ThermoworksBoth High and Low Alarms
Other probe-style alarms only give you a high alarm, rendering them useless for yogurt making, desserts, or any chilled techniques. ChefAlarm alerts you when something has reached the low temperature you’ve set, as well as the high temperature. Several commercial food chains use ChefAlarm to monitor holding temperatures so food in a prep or buffet line is kept at optimum serving temperatures for best quality and food safety.

ChefAlarm by ThermoworksCount-Down/Count-Up Timer
Not rocket science, but very handy. Set ChefAlarm to alarm when time is up. It counts elapsed time after the alarm sounds. Or, use it to time an event, just as you would a stop-watch. Settable in increments of minutes and hours.


ChefAlarm by ThermoworksCalibration Adjust
This is the only cooking alarm on the market that allows a calibration adjustment. New from the factory, your ChefAlarm will read within ±2°F even after changing probes (up to 248°F). So, in most cases, you should never really need to use the CAL feature. However, you can fine-tune the calibration for accuracy better than ±1°F with a specific probe. The CAL function allows adjustment of the reading at a single temperature. The readings will then be “offset” by the adjusted amount across the whole range of the thermometer. This “fine tuning” makes ChefAlarm the ideal tool for cooking sugars where knowing transition temperatures requires precision to one degree.


Range -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C)
Cooking Probe Cable Range Max 700°F (370°C)
Accuracy ±1.8°F (±1.0°C) from -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C)
±3.6°F (±2.0°C) from -58 to -4°F / 248 to 392°F (-50 to -20°C / 120 to 200°C)
±5.4°F (±3.0°C) from 392 to 572°F (200 to 300°C)
Timer Range Countdown settable to 99 hours, 59 minutes
Max Sounds Volume 92dB
IP Rating IP65 (excluding probe connector)
Operating Range 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Resolution 0.1°
Units °C/°F switchable
Sensor Thermistor
Battery 2 x AAA, 5000 hours (1 year typical depending on alarm use)
Dimensions 5.94 H x 2.75 W x .75 D inches (150.9 H x 69.9 W x 19.1 D mm)


Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe (included)
Cable Max Temp 700ºF (370ºC)
Transition Max Temp 644ºF (340ºC)
Probe Range -58 to 572ºF (-50 to 300ºC)
Cable Length 47 inches (1.2m)
Probe Dimensions 7 L x 0.13 inches dia. reduces to 0.08 inches dia.
(177.8 L x 3 mm dia. reduces to 2 mm dia.)

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