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CO2 Soda Chargers, 10-pack

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Product Description

The iSi CO2 soda chargers can be used with the iSi Soda Siphon and with the iSi Whip. Use with the Soda Siphon to make refreshings sodas and fizzy cocktails with your own infusions for a unique drink. Or you can also use them with the iSi Whip to carbonate spheres and fruit. 

If you are interested in creating the Carbonated Mojito Spheres that molecular gastronomy Chef Jose Andres serves at Minibar, you would need these soda chargers. The spheres are made using Reverse Spherification and they are carbonated in an iSi Whip charged with CO2.

All chargers are individually weighed and stamped with a lot number that can be traced back to its date of manufacture. These standards ensure you receive the right amount of pure gas, every time, guaranteed. Designed to work exclusively with our iSi Soda Siphons or iSi Cream Whippers, the chargers are made of high-quality steel, are 100% recyclable, HACCP-certified, and never expire.

  • Made of 100% recyclable steel, painted gold, non-refillable.
  • One charger contains approx. 8 g of pure CO2 (carbon dioxide).
  • Leak-proof
  • One charger can fill approx. 1 L.


Due to FAA aviation regulations, compressed gas cannot be shipped via air so we can only ship this product via ground transportation in the U.S.


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