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Cold Soluble Gelatin 1lb

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Product Description

Cold Soluble Gelatin works like regular gelatin but it does not require heat to be dissolved. Cold Soluble Gelatin speeds up the preparation process and results in better flavor when using delicate ingredients. With traditional gelatin, the heating process modifies the flavor and aromas of the main ingredient. With Cold Soluble Gelatin you can make gels and foams that maintain the fresh aromas of fruits and vegetables that would normally be ruined by the application of heat. Cold Soluble Gelatin is also great for molecular mixology where a heating source may not be easily accessible and speed to prepare a cocktail is crucial. 

- Cold Soluble Gelatin is ideal for molecular mixology gelification techniques

- Cold Soluble Gelatin instantly dissolves when in contact with cold liquid

- If the preparation has other powders (e.g. powder sugar), mix the cold soluble gelatin with the powder first and then mix it with the cold liquid

- Cold Soluble Gelatin has same texture and melt-in-the-mouth effect than traditional gelatin

- Cold Soluble Gelatin will set faster because there is not heating involved so the cooling period will be a lot shorter for the gelatin to set

- 1lb can

Experiment the most popular molecular mixology techniques and recreate at home the atmospheres of the coolest clubs. Unleash your creativity and surprise your friends with amazing cocktails.

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