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Flower Mixology Kit (includes color changing extract!)

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Product Description

Add a magical touch to your cocktails with these high quality flower extracts and flowers in syrup. The Flower Mixology Kit includes the exclusive color changing b'Lure flower extract, Hibiscus flower extract and Rose & Hibiscus flower extract plus the famous Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup.

- 100% natural – gluten free – gmo free - chemical free

- No sneaky additives or food colouring

- Each bottle of flower extract makes 20 to 30 cocktails

b'Lure Flower Extract (changes color!) 3.4 fl oz 

b’Lure is a bright blue flower extract made from butterfly pea flowers to naturally colour food and cocktails. b’Lure changes colour from blue to purple and pink with a citrus squeeze or when lowering the PH with any acidic solution. Add b'Lure ice to a mojito & watch as the ice melts into purple!

- mild flavour

- adds a natural sweetness

- mixes well with herbs and spices

Hibiscus Flower Extract 3.4 fl oz

- mixed-berry like taste

- bright red color

- use in cocktails instead of hibiscus tea extractions, cranberry juice or rhubarb bitters

- pairs with meat, fish and cheese

- use as glaze/condiment

- mix with cream cheese

Rose & Hibiscus Flower Extract 3.4 fl oz


- Flavor: premium essential oil of bulgarian rose rounded out by the mixed berry-like taste of the hibiscus so doesn't overpower

- Naturally pink

- use in cocktails or desserts

- add a dash to mezcal cocktails for a perfect pairing or to a glass of champagne

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

The original and famous Wild Hibiscus Flowers! A Beautiful and Unique product - Serve the exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers as a garnish in Champagne at your next special occasion, celebration or dinner party!

Also good as an excuse to crack open some bubbly, the little flower sits in the bottom of the glass, all the bubbles stream off and subtly unfurl the flower, at the end of the drink you can eat the flower it has a delicious raspberry & rhubarb flavor.

- All natural and entirely made by hand in purpose built facility in Sydney, Australia

- Each jar contains approximately 11 whole premium flowers in sugar syrup.

- There are only 3 ingredients; Wild Hibiscus Flowers, cane sugar & water.

- Hand packed into the jar to preserve their quality and shape. There is a slightly different shaped flower for each part of the jar to minimize damage to the flowers.

- All color and flavor come just from the flower, they are cooked in the jar and vacuum sealed which gives them a long shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.


The possibilities are endless!

- coloured ice 

- molecular mixology

- molecular gastronomy

- foams

- liquor infusions

- jelly

- layers shots

- 2-part drink presentations

- plate paint

- atomiser sprays

- baking (extracts are heat stable)

- ice-cream, frosting & icing

- compotes & coulis

Product Reviews

  1. unusual and striking! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st May 2015

    a very unique way or presenting your cocktails with these little beauties the B`lure in particlar is great for letting other play a part in the creation of there cocktail,look up the Down the rabbit hole cocktail and its great in mojitoes as well just serve it with out the lime and let your guests sqeeze it in them selves to see the color change!!