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Foam Tape for Sous Vide, 3ft

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Product Description

The Foam Tape for Sous Vide allows the Pro-Series Needle Probe to penetrate a sealed bag to measure internal temperature without leakage during or after removal. ThermoWorks and their supplier tested many different tapes and this was hands down the best. They adhered a small piece of each foam tested on sealed bags full of water, inserted the probe, pulled it out and then let the bags full of water sit for days and this tape had no leakage! So it is seriously a great tape. It is expensive but it works and lasts for about 70 applications. Other cheaper tapes that you can find in hardware stores may not be rated as food safe as well. 

- 3-feet (1m) length for about 70 applications

- Strong adhesive backing holds strong in hot water

- Tested foam has no leakage after inserting probe to measure temperature

- Seals bag around probe insertion point

- Range: -40 to 194°F (-40 to 90°C)

Why measure internal temperature when cooking Sous Vide?

- Ensure food is safe: to make food safe you need to hold the food in the bath for enough time once it reaches the target temperature to reduce the levels of bacteria. Measuring the internal temperature will allow you to know when it reaches the max temperature and start timing.

- Fast Cooking / No time guessing: if pasteurization is not needed, you could be serving the food as soon as it reaches the internal target temperature. Without measuring the internal temperature you'll have to use a thickness / temperature table for sous vide which usually has longer cooking times than needed to ensure that the core temperature has been reached. So measure internal temperature and serve right away. No unnecessary waiting!  

- Perfect cooking of delicate meats: delicate meats such as tender cuts and fish could become mushy if cooked just a few minutes longer that you should. So for these delicate meats that cook fast and are affected by prolonged cooking times, removing them from the water bath as soon as the internal temperature is reached becomes crucial.   

- Faster Sous Vide using bath set hotter than target temperature: set the water bath 4 °C / 7 °F higher than target temperature and you could be reducing cooking times in half. But when using this technique you need to measure the internal temperature so you can remove the food from the bath right away before it reaches the target temperature.

- Reheating foods to serving temperature: when using cook-chill sous vide, measuring internal temperature becomes very convenient when reheating if you want to speed up the process and serve the food as soon as it reaches internal serving temperature. 

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