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Gellan Gum (Low Acyl)

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Product Description

Gellan Gum is a vegetarian gelling agent perfect for making firm gels. Gellan Gum gels can be easily sculpted to make interesting presentations. It slices cleanly and can withstand high temperatures. There are two types of Gellan Gum which vary on the acyl content and produce different results. Low-Acyl Gellan Gum like this one, produces strong gels that are crumbly and non-elastic. On the other hand, high-acyl gellan gum produces gels that are very flexible, elastic and that do not break.

- Gellan Gum does not dissolve in cold liquids. It needs to be heated first and it gels as it cools down.

- Gellan Gum gels are not thermo-reversible

- Gellan Gum gels are stable under a wide range of PH 

- Ideal for molecular gastronomy gelification techniques. Can be added to ice cream to make it heat resistant for a flambee ice cream.

- Used to produce firm gels that slice cleanly and withstand high temperatures

- Check Gellan Gum recipes

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