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Guar Gum

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Product Description

Guar gum is a white flour-like substance used as thickener, binder, and volume enhancer. Guar gum and its “sister,” locust bean gum (the artist formerly known as carob), are both from the family of seed gums. Both gums are produced by removing the outer coating of a seed, and grinding its endosperm. Locust Bean Gum or LBG, as it is commonly referred to, and guar gum are non-ionic galactomannans, which function as reserve carbohydrates in the cell walls of their parent seeds. Guar Gum and Locust Bean Gum are both efficient thickening agents in water, hence falling into the category of hydrocolloids, or things that help water stick to itself.

Both guar and locust bean gum are invaluable in commercial applications such as ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread and pastry, preserves, instant pudding…and of course, baby food. The yet to be developed commercially, “pocket flan,” would no doubt utilize both of their star power.

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