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Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose F50

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Product Description

Methylcellulose F50 is a gelling agent that gels when hot and becomes a liquid when it cools. Methylcellulose also acts as a thickener when cold. Food grade methylcellulose is great to surprise your diners with hot ice cream that melts as it cools, perfect meringues or even instant noodles formed as the mix touches a hot consomme. 

- Methylcellulose F50 is ideal for molecular gastronomy techniques

- Gelification: Methylcellulose gelling agent that gels when hot and becomes a liquid when it cools

- Methylcellulose F50 forms a semi firm gel when heated at 62-68 C

- Methylcellulose produces stable foams 

- Methylcellulose gels are thermo-reversible

- With Methylcellulose you can create amazing dishes such as hot ice cream, perfect meringues, instant noodles in front of diner

- Equivalent to Metil by texturas

- Mix Methylcellulose with desired liquid when cold, shake vigorously and let it rest in refrigerator for a few hours to obtain good hydration. Then you can apply heat to form gel.

- Check recipes with Methylcellulose

Experiment the most popular molecular gastronomy techniques created by famous chefs like Ferran Adrian and Heston Blumenthal. Unleash your creativity and surprise your diners with amazing dishes.

Product Reviews

  1. Using HPMC in gluten-free baking 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2014

    About 1 teaspoon per three cups of gluten-free flours/starches seem to make the texture of bread better. I also use Ultra-Tex8; I'm not sure which helps more (I'm still searching for the "perfect" gluten-free French Bread).