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Ice Cream and Gelato Stabilizer 2oz

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Product Description

A superior ice cream stabilizer carefully crafted with a blend of several ingredients that will ensure you get a creamy and delicious frozen dessert. The Ice Cream Stabilizer will not only emulsify the fat and water in your mix but will also improve the texture by reducing the ice crystals. The resulting ice cream or gelato will be less likely to melt and if it does, the fat and water will remain bonded together so when you refreeze it you don't get ice crystals.

You only need a very small quantity of this Ice Cream Stabilizer so it won't affect the flavor of your preparation at all.

- Use 2 to 4 g of Ice Cream and Gelato Stabilizer per 1kg of ice cream base.

- Blend the Ice Cream Stabilizer into your ice cream base using a hand blender for about a minute to ensure the Ice Cream Stabilizer is dispersed and hydrated.

- Pass mixture with Ice Cream Stabilizer through a fine sieve before processing in ice cream maker. 

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