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Iota Carrageenan

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Product Description

Iota Carrageenan is a great thickening and gelling agent mostly used with fruits and dairy to form a heat-reversible and flexible soft gel. Iota Carrageenan requires calcium ions to develop a gel and as all carrageenans, it is vegetarian and a great alternative to gelatin. 

- Iota Carrageenan forms a soft and elastic gel in conjunction with calcium salts, like calcium chloride, calcium lactate, and calcium lactate gluconate

- Iota Carrageenan forms a clear gel sans syneresis (or weeping)

- Iota Carrageenan forms a stable gel for freeze/thaw purposes

- Stirring a Iota Carrageenan preparation will prevent the forming of a gel, but if let to rest, the broken gel will form again

- Iota Carrageenan is great to make frozen desserts, to stabilize ice creams and rich mouth feel custards even with low fat content 

- Iota Carrageenan is equivalent to Iota by Texturas

- Check recipes with Iota Carrageenan 

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