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Isomalt Blowing Kit

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Product Description

Working with isomalt is a blast and making incredibly looking globes is no exception. This Isomalt Blowing Kit includes the basic items you need to start playing with isomalt and creating dazzling art pieces. The Isomalt Blowing Kit includes a blowing pump, protective gloves with cotton layer, desiccant packets to safely store your creations, a convenient silicone measuring cup and 2 lb of high quality isomalt crystals.

Sugar Blowing Pump

This sugar blowing pump is ideal to create sugar works using the sugar blowing technique. The blowing technique is used to create larger objects. The air supports the walls of the larger object, allowing you to obtain the desired shape without the piece disfiguring. Among the best practitioners of this art in the world, famed pastry chef Ewald Notter explains those techniques and skills in his book The Art of the Confectioner.

-Use this tool to create beautiful blown sugar art.

-Durable high quality components will last for years.

-Great tool for pastry decorating and sugar art

Protective Gloves

This glove pack will protect your hands from melted isomalt and other food mediums while preventing fingerprints on your finished work. The cotton layer, worn next to the skin, insulates your hands from hot liquids, while the outer latex-free gloves provide another layer of protection while giving your pieces a finished look.

-1 pair of cotton gloves

-1 pair of latex gloves

Desiccant Packets

Desiccant packets are uniquely designed to protect your isomalt and gumpaste work from degradation in humid conditions. These packets deliver excellent moisture control to effectively manage the harmful effects of excess humidity for all sugar work.

These packets will provide 1-2 months of protection with active use. Unused packets will last for a couple of years when properly sealed and stored.

Packets are made of a specialized from of sodium silicate, a purified natural material approved by the FDA. Non-toxic and non-reactive. Do not consume.

Each bag contains 4 packets

Silicone Measuring Cup

This silicone measuring cup is excellent for pouring melted isomalt, especially in large amounts. Just pinch one edge to create a pouring spout. Or let remaining isomalt cool, then pop out and store for another project. Perfect to use with any liquid.

-One measuring cup: 1 cup/ 250 ml

-Measurement level indicators are clear and easy to read

-Microwave and dishwasher safe

-Heat resistant up to 490 degrees F.

-Pour liquid precisely with no spills

-Smooth inside, textured outside

2lb Isomalt Crystals  

Isomalt crystals are perfect for sugar work. Isomalt hardens crystal clear and it is more resistant to humidity than regular sugar. You can blow isomalt globes, encapsulate olive oil drops, make the famous faux isomalt fruits filled with foam and many other modernist dishes. To store your isomalt pieces and keep them away from humidity we recommend using desiccant packets. To handle hot isomalt with your hands you may want to use some protective gloves.

-Isomalt is a reduced-calorie sweetener used for making hard candy. This product can be used to make the edible gems, pulled sugar, blown sugar and as a sugar substitute in baking

-High resistance to humidity and will not crystallize

-If no color added, the candy hardens clear

-Net Weight: 2lb

-Shelf Life: 36 Months

Recommended Additions

When working with isomalt or sugar, it is very convenient to have a non-stick surface such as a silicone mat, a heat lamp, a small fan or hair dryer with cold setting and a small alcohol burner. You can get low cost infrared heating lamps at most hardware stores. Here are some links to purchase these items from Amazon.com

- Infrared Heat Lamp to warm isomalt

Brooder Clamp Light

Silpat Non-Stick Mat

Alcohol burner (if you purchased a Hot Infusion Siphon, you can use the alcohol burner that comes with it)

Small desk fan or hair dryer with cold setting


Watch video below for how to make an isomalt sphere filled with oak smoke for a sensorial experience.


Product Reviews

  1. Very basic 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jan 2014

    This kit has the basic necessities to pulling and blowing sugar. It would've been nice to see an upgraded version of the kit that included silicone mats, a warming lamp, and a blow torch (small butane). These are the things I had to buy separately to get it going. This was a gift for my wife who's been dabbling in cake decorating. She has successfully blown her first series since then and enjoyed it thoroughly.