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Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

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Product Description

Miracle berry fruit tablets have the incredible property of changing the taste of sour and bitter to sweet. Just take a miracle berry tablet, let it dissolve in the mouth and start experimenting with different foods and experience the taste trip! Miracle fruit transforms lemons into sweet lemonade, makes limes as sweet as an orange, unripe tomatoes taste sweet and perfectly ripe, banana has notes of passion fruit or pinapple, pineapple tastes like pure candy, a few drops of lemon in coffee make sweet coffee without sugar!

Molecular gastronomy Chef Homaro Cantu incorporates miracle berries into various courses at Moto and iNG restaurants for flavor-tripping fun. One of the flavor-tripping cocktails is a gin and tonic that, after eating a miracle berry tablet, turns into a Sloe Gin Screw. 

- Each packet contains 10 miracle berry fruit tablets, which can be split in half for 20 servings

- The flavor-altering effect of miracle berry fruit tablets lasts about half hour depending on the person

- 100% natural miracle fruit tablets: contains only freeze dried mirable fruit and a small amount of cornstarch for binding

- Miracle berry fruit tablets are ideal for flavor-tripping dishes and cocktails

- Miracle berry fruit tablets are ideal for people who need to limit their sugar intake

- Shelf life of about one year makes them very convenient. Fresh miracle fruit lasts only one or two days after being harvested and the active ingredient miraculin, starts to diminish right after harvesting

The most convenient way of getting miracle berries is in the tablet form. Miracle berry fruit tablets are consistent and have the longest shelf life because the berries are freeze-dried and formed into tablets with a small amount of cornstarch. 

But miracle berries are not just for fun. This miracle berry fruit tablet is perfect for people who need to limit their sugar intake as the craving of sweet foods can be satisfied by eating non sugar containing foods. 

How to Consume

Half miracle berry fruit tablet is enough to cause the desired taste changing effect. If you want a longer lasting experience, you can consume a whole tablet.

Suck the miracle berry fruit tablet like a cough drop, do not chew it. Let the miracle fruit tablet dissolve in the mouth for about 1 or 2 minutes.

Product Reviews

  1. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2014

    Exactly as described, great packaging and good quality. Must try lemons...

  2. Kinda Ok 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th May 2013

    Well wasnt what i really expected will try again maybe with two tablets this time becuase I just wasnt impressed with the results this time.