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Molecular Gastronomy Kit Comparison

 Tools  11  11  11  
 Ingredients  5  13  24  
 Techniques 5  30+  50+  
 FREE Gift! Edible Film Discs   Disappearing ravioli, clear canape, paper cocktails, transparent turnovers, invisible pasta rolls
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 Slotted Stainless Steel spoon (Ferran
 Adria's favorite)
 Set of 4 metal measuring spoons Spherification
 High Precision Digital Scale - 0 to 600 g Measuring ingredients
 Silicone Hemisphere Mold imported  from Italy Frozen spherification and gels
 Food grade syringe Juice caviar and agar spaghetti
 6' silicone tube to make agar spaghetti Agar spaghetti
 5 pipettes Juice caviar and plating
 PH Indicator Paper Measuring acidity, critical for basic spherification and caviar
 Sodium Alginate (3 oz) Spherification
 Calcium Lactate Gluconate (3 oz) Reverse Spherification
 Calcium Chloride (3.5 oz) Basic Spherification
 Xanthan Gum (2.5 oz) Spherification, thickening sauces, suspending elements in liquid
 Sodium Citrate (4 oz) PH buffer to reduce acidity, critical for Basic Spherification, emulsifying salt to make melty cheese and constructed cheese
 Agar Agar (2 oz)   Hot gels, gel spaghetti, foams, clarify consomme, pearls with cold oil technique, cocktail gels, fluid gels, vegetarian alternative to gelatin
 Tapioca Maltodextrin (2 oz)   Convert fats into powder, edible films, thickening, bulking agent
 Glycerin Flakes (2 oz)   Emulsify water and oils, great for oil foams and "butter"
 Soy Lecithin (2 oz)   Airs, foams, solid frozen airs, emulsify sauces
 Gellan Gum Low Acyl (2 oz)   Firm gels, gel tagliatelle, coating gels, hot gels and fluid gels
 Hydroproxypropyl Methylcellulose F50 (2
  Hot ice cream, instant gel noodles, hot foams and meringue
 Iota Carrageenan (3 oz)   Rich mouthfeel dairy gels and smoothies, eggless custards
 Kappa Carrageenan (3 oz)   Clear and brittle gels ideal to cover ingredients
 Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets     Change the taste of sour and bitter to sweet
 Kuzu (5.3 oz)     Excellent starch with smooth texture, translucent, glossy results with no interfering taste, croquants and olive oil chips
 Isomalt (2 lb)     Sugar work such as globes, fruits and encapsulated oils
 Sucrose Ester (2 oz)     Cocktail foams and emulsions
 Versawhip 600K (1.5 oz)     Stable hot or cold foams with virtually any juice or liquid. Better flavor release.
 Low Methoxyl Pectin (2 oz)     Gels and thickens with reduced sugar content
 Locust Bean Gum (3 oz)     Thickening and reducing ice crystals in ice cream
 Ultra-Tex 3 (2.5 oz)     High performance starch with bland flavor and melt-away characteristics
 Ultra-Tex 8 (2.5 oz)     Bigger, badder brother of Ultratex 3
 Guar Gum (3 oz)     Thickening and reducing ice crystals in ice cream
 Pure-Cote B790 (2 oz)     Clear films with excellent sheen, juice glass
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 Price $99.95 $179.95 $275.95  
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