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Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit

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Product Description

There are no limits to what you can do with the Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit. The Ultimate Kit includes everything you need to master just about every technique in the world of molecular gastronomy. What do you get in this kit? The Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit includes all the ingredients and tools of the Premium Kit plus 11 more ingredients. Plus, you’ll get 200 Ultra Thin Edible Film Discs as a FREE Gift! What can you make with this fully-stocked kit? Just about anything.

  • Large spheres and caviar
  • Suspending elements in liquid
  • Convert fats into powder
  • Instant gel noodles
  • Hot gels
  • Oil foams
  • Frozen airs
  • Bubbles
  • Pearls
  • Sculptable gels
  • Clear consomme spaghetti
  • Hot ice cream and foams
  • Modernist meringue
  • Eggless custards
  • Smooth modernist dairy gels
  • Firm coating gels
  • Constructed cheese
  • Fluid gels
  • Light to thick foams
  • Flavor-tripping dishes
  • Oil Chips
  • Sugar globes
  • Thin flavorful crispy sheets
  • Flavorful bubbles
  • Clear, flexible films
  • Hot or cold foams
  • And many more!

The Molecular Gastronomy Ultimate Kit includes the same tools and ingredients used by the top chefs in the industry. This molecular gastronomy kit includes a professional quality molecular tool set, a precision digital scale, an Italian-made silicone hemisphere mat, PH Indicator Paper and 24 of the most popular ingredients (enough to produce over 100 recipes!)

Ultimate Kit Contents

  • 1. Slotted stainless steel spoon (Ferran Adria’s favorite)
  • 2. Set of 4 metal measuring spoons
  • 3. High Precision Digital Scale - 0 to 600 g
  • 4. Silicone Hemisphere Mold imported from Italy
  • 5. Food grade syringe
  • 6. 6’ silicone tube to make agar spaghetti
  • 7. 5 pipettes
  • 8. PH Indicator Paper
  • 9. Sodium Alginate (3 oz)
  • 10. Calcium Lactate Gluconate (3 oz)
  • 11. Calcium Chloride (3.5 oz)
  • 12. Xanthan Gum (2.5 oz)
  • 13. Sodium Citrate (4 oz)
  • 14. Agar Agar (2 oz)
  • 15. Tapioca Maltodextrin (2 oz)
  • 16. Glycerin Flakes (2 oz)
  • 17. Soy Lecithin (2 oz)
  • 18. Gellan Gum (Low Acyl) (2 oz)
  • 19. Hydroproxypropyl Methylcellulose F50 (2 oz)
  • 20. Iota Carrageenan (3 oz)
  • 21. Kappa Carrageenan (3 oz)
  • 22. Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets
  • 23. Kuzu (5.3 oz)
  • 24. Isomalt (2 lb)
  • 25. Sucrose Ester (2 oz)
  • 26. Versawhip 600K (1.5 oz)
  • 27. Low Methoxyl Pectin (2 oz)
  • 28. Locust Bean Gum (3 oz)
  • 29. Ultra-Tex 3 (2.5 oz)
  • 30. Ultra-Tex 8 (2.5 oz)
  • 31. Guar Gum (3 oz)
  • 32. Pure-Cote B790 (2 oz)
  • 33. FREE Gift! Ultra Thin Edible Film Discs


Below you’ll find a sampling of the many recipes you can create with the ultimate Kit. To view our complete library of recipes for this kit simply CLICK HERE. We regularly update and add new dishes to this library, so check back often.

What’s included in this molecular gastronomy kit?

Professional Tool Set

All the tools you need to experiment with molecular gastronomy and molecular mixology. These are the same tools used by the world’s top chefs!

  • Slotted stainless steel spoon (same spoon Ferran Adria uses)
  • Set of 4 metal measuring spoons
  • Food grade syringe
  • 6’ silicone tube to make agar spaghetti (you can cut into desired length)
  • 5 pipettes

High Precision Digital Scale - 0 to 600 g

Molecular Gastronomy is all about precision. Accurate weights and measures can make the difference between a success or a flop. The precision of this scale also makes it easy to scale recipes up or down with ease

  • Accurate to 0.1 gram
  • Measure in grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and tarring
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Extremely reliable and accurate
  • Two AAA batteries included.

Silicone Hemisphere Mold imported from Italy

Create perfectly shaped spheres every time! This non-stick silicone mold features 24 mini hemispheres. Created with the highest quality silicone, this mold is reusable up to 3000 times and dishwasher safe. Don’t settle for less you won't find better quality anywhere!

PH Indicator Paper

The PH Indicator Paper is critical when making basic spherification caviar with fruit juices with a high acid content. It provides an accurate and quick method of measuring the pH of a solution. The 5 m long paper roll will allow you to measure the PH of hundreds of preparations.

24 Food Additives (More than enough to create over 50 recipes!)

Sodium Alginate 3 oz: Ideal for molecular gastronomy Basic & Reverse Spherification; in presence of calcium, Sodium Alginate forms a gel without the need of heat; create spheres with liquid center and a delicate gel membrane; (equivalent to Algin from Texturas)

Calcium Lactate Gluconate 3 oz: Perfect for molecular gastronomy Reverse Spherification; increases the calcium content of the main ingredient without changing the flavor or altering the consistency – unlike standard calcium lactate or calcium chloride. This is the calcium ingredient preferred by Chef Ferran Adria. (equivalent to Gluco from Texturas)

Calcium Chloride 3.5 oz: Ideal for molecular gastronomy Basic Spherification, adds calcium to the water bath; easily dissolves in water; in presence of sodium alginate Calcium Chloride forms a gel without the need of heat.

Xanthan Gum 2.5 oz: Ideal for molecular gastronomy thickening and suspension techniques; great for thickening the main ingredient in Reverse Spherification; making sauces, suspending elements in a liquid.

Sodium Citrate 4 oz: Ideal for molecular gastronomy Basic Spherification; can be used to reduce the acidity of the main ingredient when doing Basic Spherification; Most juices are acidic and acidity inhibits the basic spherification process required for making caviar. (Sodium Citrate is equivalent to Citras by Texturas)

Agar Agar 2 oz: Ideal for making hot gels, gel noodles with the included silicone tubes, foams, to clarify consomme, to make pearls with the cold oil technique, cocktail gels and as a vegetarian alternative to gelatin.

Tapioca Maltodextrin 2 oz: Used in molecular gastronomy to convert fats into powder, make edible films, for thickening and as a bulking agent. Create caramel powder, olive oil powder, nutella powder and more! Equivalent to Malto from Texturas.

Glycerin Flakes 2 oz: An incredible emulsifier for water and oils, glycerin flakes are used in modernist cuisine to make oil foams, oil butter among other preparations; equivalent to Glice from Texturas.

Soy Lecithin 2 oz: Great emulsifier for sauces and ideal for converting juices and watery liquids into airs and foams. The light foams produced with soy lecithin can also be frozen to create a solid airy foam. Make lemon air, wasabi air, frozen parmesan air and much more! Equivalent to Lecite by Texturas.

Gellan Gum (Low Acyl) 2 oz: A vegetarian gelling agent perfect for making firm gels, coating gels, hot gels and fluid gels. It is also used as an emulsifier and foam stabilizer. Gellan Gum gels can be easily sculpted to make interesting presentations. It slices cleanly and can withstand high temperatures. Used by Ferran Adria to make the famous translucent saffron tagliatelle of consomme.

Hydroproxypropyl Methylcellulose F50 2 oz: A gelling agent that gels when hot and becomes a liquid when it cools. Methylcellulose also acts as a thickener when cold. Surprise your diners with hot ice cream that melts as it cools, perfect meringues or even instant noodles formed as the mix touches a hot consomme. Equivalent to Metil by texturas.

Iota Carrageenan 3 oz: A great thickening and gelling agent mostly used with fruits and dairy to form a heat-reversible and flexible soft gel. Ideal to make frozen desserts, to stabilize ice creams and rich mouth feel custards even with low fat content. Equivalent to Iota by Texturas.

Kappa Carrageenan 3 oz: A vegetarian gelling agent made from algae that gels as it reacts with calcium or potassium salts. In the presence of calcium, Kappa Carrageenan forms stiff and brittle gels. But in the presence of potassium salts, Kappa Carrageenan forms very firm and elastic gels. Its rapid gelification is ideal to cover ingredients with a gel film.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets: Miracle berry fruit tablets have the incredible property of changing the taste of sour and bitter to sweet. Just take a miracle berry tablet, let it dissolve in the mouth and start experimenting with different foods and experience the taste trip!

Kuzu 5.3 oz: Kuzu root starch is a great thickening agent that is natural and unprocessed. It produces bright, translucent sauces, adds a shiny gloss to soups, and provides a smooth texture for sauces and gravies with no starchy or interfering taste. Molecular Gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria uses Kuzu Root Starch for several preparations including his famous olive oil chips.

Isomalt 2 lb: Isomalt is perfect for sugar work. Isomalt hardens crystal clear and it is more resistant to humidity than regular sugar. You can blow isomalt globes, encapsulate olive oil drops, make the famous faux isomalt fruits filled with foam and many other modernist dishes. For blown pieces we also recommend getting the Isomalt Blowing Kit.

Sucrose Ester 2 oz: Sucrose ester has a wide range of applications in traditional cooking such as bakery, confectionery, cereals, dairy, ice cream and sauces. Sucrose esters are commonly used to improve the texture in low fat alternatives. Sucrose ester generates a finer texture in bakery products, stabilizes dairy and sauces and improves de texture of ice creams and mousses.

Versawhip 600K 1.5 oz: Versawhip is a great product to make stable foams with better flavor release. Versawhip can make hot or cold foams with virtually any juice or liquid. Versawhip can replace egg-albumin or gelatin but also has good synergies with these two ingredients. Compared to egg white foams, Versawhip produces more consistent results without risks of over-whipping, offers greater heat and acid tolerance and reduced microbial risk.

Low Methoxyl Pectin 2 oz: Calcium induced gelation is predominant in low methoxyl pectin gels. Low Methoxyl Pectin can also be used as a thickening agent and food stabilizer. Pectin is great for making jams, jellies, low calorie jellies and to stabilize acidic protein drinks such as drinking yogurt.

Locust Bean Gum 3 oz: Both guar and locust bean gum are invaluable in commercial applications such as ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread and pastry, preserves, instant pudding…and of course, baby food.

Ultra-Tex 3 2.5 oz: High performance cold water swelling modified food starch derived from tapioca. It exhibits many of the properties of a modified cooked starch and possesses a very bland flavor profile with good mouth melt away characteristics. It can be used to thicken liquids without the application of heat. Finished product can be dried into a thin crispy sheet. Many of the same properties of xanthan gum without the “snotty” factor.

Ultra-Tex 8 2.5 oz: ULTRATEX 8 is the bigger, badder brother of Ultratex 3 Modified Tapioca Starch. It is a brand new product to the market. Ultratex 8 reacts better to acidic mediums. It uses less quantity, producing a better mouth feel. I can also produce a thinner dried product since you can dry a thinner liquid.

Guar Gum 3 oz: Both guar and locust bean gum are invaluable in commercial applications such as ice cream, soft drinks, fruit juices, bread and pastry, preserves, instant pudding…and of course, baby food.

Pure-Cote B790 2 oz: Pure cote modified corn starch is a special low viscosity starch great for forming flexible films and for adhesion. The clear flexible films with excellent sheen made with Pure Cote dry quickly and without changing the original flavor profile. Liquids thickened with Pure Cote dry into a film at room temperature or in a dehydrator. Finished films made with Pure-Cote are water soluble. Pure cote is also a useful binding agent in cereal and puffed snack coating. Finally, Pure Cote aids de glacage for baked goods and confections, forming a smooth and glossy coating.

EXCLUSIVE! Unlimited support from the MolecularRecipes.com Community
Our molecular gastronomy kits include far more than just tools and ingredients! Every kit comes with the amazing support and knowledge of the amazing chefs, scientists and food lovers in the MolecularRecipes.com community. Every kit comes with:

  • Online library of recipes (updated and expanded regularly)
  • Recipe troubleshooting
  • Access to hundreds of tips, techniques and recipes
  • Unlimited email support
  • A community of over 200,000 molecular gastronomy experts and fanatics

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