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PH Indicator Paper (better than litmus paper)

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Product Description

PH Universal Indicator Paper is one of the most widely used test papers and much better than the traditional litmus paper. This modern version of litmus paper provides a better and quick method of measuring the pH of a solution within a 1-11 range. The test paper is merely dipped into the solution and the color compared with the color chart. More economical than PH test strips as it can be cut in desired length.

Unlike trasitional litmus paper, which turns red in presence of an acid and blue in presence of an alkali, the PH Universal Indicator paper displays a variety of colors over a wide pH range so it can be used to determine an approximate pH of a solution. Works just like PH test strips.

  • Plastic rotating container with color scale.
  • Wide PH range measurement between 1 and 11
  • Contains 1 roll, 5 m long and 7 mm wide
  • 1.0 pH intervals
  • Each roll is individually welded in the refill pack

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