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Pure-Cote B790

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Product Description

Pure cote modified corn starch is a special low viscosity starch great for forming flexible films and for adhesion. The clear flexible films with excellent sheen made with Pure Cote dry quickly and without changing the original flavor profile. Liquids thickened with Pure Cote dry into a film at room temperature or in a dehydrator. Finished films made with Pure-Cote are water soluble. Pure cote is also a useful binding agent in cereal and puffed snack coating. Finally, Pure Cote aids de glacage for baked goods and confections, forming a smooth and glossy coating.

Pure-Cote B790 hydrates easily in cold, warm or hot water. To hydrate Pure-Cote, place the liquid to be thickened in a propeller mixer, create a vortex and add the Pure-Cote B790 to the top edge of the vortex to prevent lumps. To be dispersed into the solution, Pure-Cote needs to be agitated for about 20 minutes. To facilitate dispersion, you can preblend Pure-Cote with other dry ingredients, oils or syrups with a 50/50 ratio. If the Pure-Cote starch is not fully hydrated, the resulting film will not be clear. 

Flexible and strong films can be made with a 15% solution of Pure-Cote in water. You can cast the film by spreading the Pure-Cote solution on a plastic or glass surface and letting it dry at room temperature overnight or in a dehydrator. Do not overdry the Pure-Cote film and the result will be a clear and quite elastic film.

Pure-Cote disperses, hydrates more quickly and creates less foam than other polymers. Pure-Cote B793 can replace or extend polymers such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, gelatin and gums.

- Pure-Cote is a modified starch used in film-forming and aqueous fil coating

- Pure-Cote has low viscocity in a solution and dries to a clear and flexible film

- Pure-Cote hydrates in cold, warm or hot water

- Disperses with good agitation in a mixer

- Pre-blending Pure-Cote with other powders, oil or syrup helps with dispersion

- To form film, just spread Pure-Cote solution on a plastic or glass to form a film between 0.5 and 1 mm



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