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Super-Aladin Handheld Smoker and Aromatizer

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Product Description

The Super-Aladín Smoker is the Ferrari of the handheld smokers and it also works as an aromatizer. If you are looking for a high quality handheld smoker that is reliable and durable, it is worth paying the high price tag of this product. Ideal for restaurants, catering and any amateur cook who plans to use it frequently, needs the aromatizing feature or simply wants the best.

- Super Aladin smoker is a heavy duty hand held food smoker that is great for commercial use in molecular gastronomy.

It is constructed with strong metal parts and disassembles for easy cleaning.

- Dual chamber allows you to aromatize the wood smoke with your favorite herbs or spices by heating them gently without burning them.

- Its foot or base, as well as its weight, provides a great stability, thus avoiding accidents and the spilling of sawdust or ashes on the work surface.

- Unlike other smokers, it has a big combustion chamber which allows to burn components other than sawdust, like small woodchips.

- Its metallic helix assures full resistance to heat.

- New encapsulated engine with an oil tank, up to 10 times bigger.

The new SuperAladin Motor's design prevents oil and resin leaks into the engine, thus increasing its durability and resistance. A small deposit holds the resins and tar resulting from the combustion of the wood, thus preventing them to enter the motor compartment.

- The switch is located at the base, far from the heat and protected from accidental blows or crashes.

- Its registered double-chamber system has also been improved and made larger to increase its capacity for aromatic products inside its inner chamber.

- In this way, extra aroma can be provided without combustion and much purer and more natural aromas can be incorporated, thus pushing even further the possible creative applications of the smoking technique.

What's Included

- Metallic motor base: holds the motor, metallic propeller and batteries (4 x AA batteries not included)

- 1 plastic base to stand the smoker upright.

- 2 metallic chambers, one for wood chips and the other one for the aromatizing ingredient.

- 6 metallic screens. 3 large ones for the wood chip chamber and 3 smaller ones for the aromatizing chamber.

- 1 extension tube.

- 1 extension hose.

Aladin smoker smoking


Super Aladin Smoker parts


- Smoking solid foods in a plastic bag or container with plastic wrap

- Smoking solid foods tableside under a glass

- Smoking liquids in a blender

- Smoking liquids in a glass or shaker

- Smoking butter or cream in a stand mixer

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