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Ultra-Tex 3 Modified Tapioca Starch 2.5 oz

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Product Description

ULTRA-TEX 3 is a high performance cold water swelling modified food starch derived from tapioca. It exhibits many of the properties of a modified cooked starch and possesses a very bland flavor profile, with good mouth melt away characteristics and excellent flavor release. It can be used to thicken liquids without the application of heat, instant dairy desserts which are then chilled or frozen; instant sauces; baked goods including bakery fillings; dry mixes. The smooth, glossy appearance, superior flavour and rich, creamy texture of ULTRATEX 3 is ideal for cheese sauces. ULTRA-TEX 3 can also be used in other mildly acidic sauces.

ULTRA-TEX 3 provides a very smooth, creamy, glossy, short texture in a range of instant applications but will also tolerate pasteurisation processing. ULTRA-TEX 3 is suitable for chilled and frozen applications as it has excellent freeze-thaw stability. 

Retains color and flavor profile of original liquid. Finished product can be dried into a thin crispy sheet. Many of the same properties of xanthan gum without the “snotty” factor.

Usage information: ULTRA-TEX 3 will develop viscosity and texture as soon as it comes into contact with cold or hot water. It is recommended that ULTRA-TEX 3 is dry blended with other ingredients particularly sugar, or dispersed in oil to aid its dispersion into water. Add to liquid and shear well. The viscosity of ULTRA-TEX 3 is stable at high temperatures particularly in neutral pH systems. Typical usage levels in liquid systems could be 2-5%. Use at 1-3% levels of Ultra-Tex 3 in cake batter to maintain the moist eating quality of cakes for a longer period.

Product Reviews

  1. Works well . . . 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2015

    Just started using this. I use it sparingly because I find it gels a bit after the mixture sites for a while . . .

  2. Gluten-free bread success! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2014

    My gluten-free bread was rock hard before using this product recommended in the Gluten-free Bread on a Shoestring Cookbook. The bread is tasty and delicious.