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Xanthan Gum

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Product Description

Xanthan gum is one of the most versatile and effective thickeners that can be used for modernist cuisine or traditional cooking.

- Xanthan Gum is ideal for molecular gastronomy thickening and suspension techniques

- Xanthan Gum is great for thickening the main ingredient in Reverse Spherification

- Making sauces with Xanthan Gum is easy and results in better taste

- With Xanthan Gum you can suspend solid elements in a liquid, such as fruit in a cocktail

- Xanthan Gum can be used in cold and hot applications and has a rich creamy mouthfeel

- Xanthan Gum is very effective even in alkaline, acid or salty solutions 

In molecular gastronomy, one of the most widely used applications of Xanthan Gum is to thicken the main ingredient in Reverse Spherification. When the main ingredient density is too liquid to form spheres in the alginate bath, a thickener like Xanthan is used.

Xanthan Gum is obtained from the fermentation of corn starch with Xanthomonas campestris bacteria (found in cabbage). It is gluten free and can be used as a substitute for gluten in baking (used along with non-gluten containing flours). Soluble in hot or cold water, stable over a range of pH and temperatures, can thicken items with a high alcohol content, compatible with and stable in systems containing high concentrations of salt.

Experiment the most popular molecular gastronomy techniques created by famous chefs like Ferran Adrian and Heston Blumenthal. Unleash your creativity and surprise your diners with amazing dishes.


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