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YumScience Spherification Kit - High School Edition

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Product Description

High School and College students will learn how molecular gastronomy chefs use chemical reactions to turn ordinary food into extraordinary dishes. Students will learn valuable skills and techniques to create their own edible molecular gastronomy dishes. Imagine, experiments you can eat!

- 3 lessons: "Gelation, Spherification and Diffusion", "Osmosis" and "Acids, Bases and pH"

- Each kit contains enough ingredients for 60 experiments

- Cost per experiment per team is only $1.5 - $4.8 depending on number of teams working simultaneously

- Refills are only 73 cents per experiment per team!

- The fixed cost (tools and equipment) for a classroom of 24 is only $206 and you can use this every year. The variable cost (special ingredients) per classroom of 24 is only $7.3 per lesson!

In lessons 1 and 2 students will use the Reverse Spherification technique to create delicious strawberry spheres with a thin gel membrane on the outside and delicious strawberry puree on the inside. In lesson 1, students will learn about Gelation, Spherification and Diffusion. In lesson 2, students will learn Osmosis.

In lesson 3, students will use the Basic Spherification Technique to create cranberry “caviar”, small spheres with liquid inside that pop in the mouth. In Lesson 3, students will learn about Acids, Bases and pH and “The Effect of pH in Alginate Gels”


• Gelation

• Spherification

• Diffusion

• Osmosis

• pH and its effect in sodium alginate gels


• How to measure time and weight precisely.

• How to reproduce sequential steps following recipe instructions.

• How to engage in collaborative discussions with team members and teachers.

• Use scientific thinking processes to conduct investigations and build explanations: observing, communicating, comparing and organizing.


- Enough ingredients for 60 experiments, you can purchase refills when you run out

- Tools for 2-12 teams working simultaneously (depending on selection)

The YumScience Spherification Kit has tools for 2 to 12 teams, we recommend groups of 2-3 children but you can have larger groups if you want to reduce costs. There is enough quantity of ingredients to experiment 60 times or go through all lessons 30 times. Select the number of teams that need to be working simultaneously and we will include a set of tools for each team.


Tools (for every two teams)

• 2 Perforated Spoons (one for each team)

• 2 Measuring Spoons (one for each team)

• 1 High Precision Digital Scale (shared, you can add single scales if you want each team to have their own scale)

• 2 Syringes (one for each team)

• 4 Weighing Dishes (two for each team)

• pH Indicator Paper for multiple teams (upgrade to PH meter and buffer solutions)

For additional teams we will add the YumScience Spherification Tools (two teams) depending on your selection.

Ingredients (for 60 experiments)

• 2 x 3 oz. Sodium Alginate (enough for 30 baths of 500g each and 50 cranberry batches of 300g each)

• 3 oz. Calcium Lactate Gluconate (enough for 30 batches of strawberry puree of 125g each).

• 3.5 oz Calcium Chloride (enough for 35 baths of 500g each)

• 4 oz Sodium Citrate (enough to reduce acidity of over 50 batches of cranberry/lemon juice of 11g each)

Lesson Plan (downloadable PDF sent via email)

• Background for the teacher

• Pre-lesson preparation

• Recipe cards

• Questions to guide the investigation

WHAT ELSE YOU’LL NEED (not included in the kit)

For the class

• Regular blender to make sodium alginate bath before the class and immersion blender for strawberry puree and cranberry juice would be ideal but you can make any blender work for both tasks. You need
at least one immersion blender with blender cup for the class but if you can get more then you could allow each team to prepare the solutions themselves or at least share it between teams.

• Sieve for teacher to strain the strawberry puree for Lesson 1.

For each team (for lesson 1)

• Two containers per team that can hold about 500ml of liquid. 

• 2 beakers, cups or small bowls

• Fork or small whisk for each team

• Small plate for each team

• Chronograph or watch for each team to measure time. (optional)

• 150g of strawberries for each team

• 10g of sugar for each team

• Salt for each team

• Distilled water 500ml per team

For each team (for lesson 2, follow up to lesson 1)

• Quarter cup maple syrup for each team

• 2 plastic cups per team

For each team (for lesson 3) (in addition to the tools used for Lesson 1)

• 300g Ocean Spray Cranberry juice cocktail per team

• 22g lemon juice per team

• 3 plastic cups per team



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